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About UsOur Purpose

About Us

Our sea food products are frozen with less than a few minutes making it as fresh as possible.

At seefod we are committed in offering high quality frozen seafood the best one can have. Sea food is rich in vitamins and  minerlas it is filled with OMEGA-3 fatty acid. We provide a healthy sea food choices in Saudi Arabia.

Visit our website and look for our shrimp , salmon , tune and sea bass brought to you from around the globe.

As a leading company for wild and organic sea food provider in Saudi Arabia, seefod integrity for keeping away toxic chemical,  pestisied or genetically modified organisims food away as part of our commitment for better health,

Customers can enjoy pure taste healthy food with additives or perservative.

We look forward to widen our selection

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Our Purpose

We import all finished products from the sea, including Organic Salmon, Wild Shrimp & Tuna


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Mohammed Adam
— “Having tried organic salmon fillet from seefod I recommend every one to try it.

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